Are You Living With Intention

I’ve been following Rachel Hollis and Sadie’s Jane Sabin lately on social media, and they talk a lot about living your life with intention. More than that, living each day with intention.  As I listen to them speak or real their books I often thought, sure I live with intention, we all do. But do we? Do we really live each day with intention? Do we get up each morning and have a true plan for that day, knowing exactly what we want out of that day? Or do we get up thinking it would be nice if something happened, but having no real plan of how to get there? I can’t speak for you or anyone else but for me on most days it’s the later. I have a list of things I would like to get done, but have no real plan of attack for that day. So I can honestly say I realized that for the most part I am not truly  living my dayly life with intention.

The more I’ve followed Rachel and Sadie, I realized I didn’t really even know what living life with intent actually meant. So where else did I look for answer? Well, Google of course. Basically what I found was that to live with intent you have to get rid of all the outside distraction and be present. The more I researched, the more I felt like this is something that I needed to do. So I decided this is my goal for my thirty-fourth year of life. I feel like I need to live with more intention. I need to be more intentional in all aspects of my life.

As I researched more of what living an intentional life meant and what I needed to change in order to do so. I felt I should share those changes with y’all. I figured if I didn’t know what this meant than others probably didn’t either. So I am going to share six easy ways that you can live a more intentional life.

  1. Pay Attention - This May sound silly but at least once a day make sure you take the time to look at your surroundings. Take in the colors around you. And what sounds you might hear.  Just be observant to what is around you.

  2. Be quiet - Take some time to just be quiet. Turn off all the things around you that make noise. No TVs, or phones, no computers, or radios. Just enjoy the total silence.

  3. Dream big - What do you want in this life? Take some time to think about what you want in life. What big things do you want? Take time to figure out a plan of how you can achieve those things.

  4. Make goals - Set small and achievable goals and work toward those. Goals that you can work toward and easily check off a list.

  5. Nurture yourself - Be gentle the the souls inside yourself. Remember that you are a strong year fragile, human being who is capable of anything you put your mind to. Make sure you take the time to recognize that you are always worthy of the journey.

  6. Put down your phone - Put down your phone and pay attention to those around you. We are all guilty of being attached to our phones that we often sit with one another person and don’t speak. So put down your phone and actually have a conversation with those around you.

I encourage each of you to implement a couple of these tips into your life. They are easy things to do and wouldn’t take much to implement. I think we all could do more to live a more intentional life as we have become such a tech filled society.

.With Love,


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