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Welcome to Focus On The Fight, a series of interviews that will be posted weekly, focusing on a blogger and their health.

This week we will meet Kristi! 

Before we dive into the heavy stuff, please tell us all a little about yourself outside of your health! About your family or your hobbies

I am a happy person who has an amazing life. The early years were difficult, but I did not really understand why until I was nearly 55 years old. I have been married for almost 40 years to my best friend, lover, life partner. We have two grown daughters who are also my dear friends. We love living in Maine but look forward when we will have a warmer-weather winter home. My hobbies beyond being with my family and helping others are writing, dancing and being outdoors (particularly summer fresh-water sports).

Please share briefly what led you to the decision to become a blogger who focuses on chronic illness and also patient advocate if that applies to you.

I healed a flesh wound on my face when I was three, and my dad told me to "never do that again". I hid this part of myself so obediently, that I forgot I was hiding. In 2010 I began exploring the broad range of spiritual and metaphysical subjects. This took me on a journey of self-discovery. I had to know I was hiding until I even knew how to look for myself. After an encounter with an American Bald Eagle in 2011, I began deep inner healing work and studied various energy healing modalities. In 2012, I was called into healing ministry to another in a grocery store while visiting Sedona. After having a flashback to the childhood healing incident in 2013, I reconnected with my ability to help others. For almost 50 years I was separated from my true self. My essence. I understand why times in my life have been difficult and why I have manifested disease within my own body. I was so hidden from myself; I could not see myself. When I was 45 I had surgery for cataracts. Since opening to emotional spiritual energy healing, I have learned there is often a literal association between the energy / story and the physical illness. In my case. I did not see myself and I manifested eyes that could not see. Having been "lost" and "stuck" within who I thought I was, yet separated from who I am, I now help others see. I help empower each person to see and change their "stories". Without the "junk in the trunk" the body can regain its balance and its job of self healing. Or the mind / emotions find balance and this restores one's power to be happy.

What Chronic Illness (en) have you been diagnosed with? Which one will you focus on today?

I have healed my physical disease. I want to focus on the most painful condition ... being separated within myself from my self. Most of us are living this way. Even people who are seemingly healthy can be struggling within themselves. I want to focus on healing that is complete and permanent because the person sees what and how they are dishonoring themselves and / or their bodies are responding to the environment they have created. If you want to speak to me, please call me at 207-216-0473.

Diagnosing a Chronic Illness can sadly be a VERY long process! For you, how long did it take for an official diagnosis? And did you have to act your own advocate to get a doctor to take what was going on in your life seriously and look for a diagnosis?

I have lived a happy, healthy, and productive life. In 1985 at age 27, I started a graphic design business; something very unusual for a woman. My happy life kept me masquerading yet ignorant of my ability to change everything. It was not until our daughters were high school aged in my 50s that I realized the only thing missing in my life was ME. The more we are living out of alignment with our true selves and the understanding that we are here to be our perfectly unique selves, the more mental, emotional and physical pain we experience.

Chronic illness is just that, chronic. Please share with us how your illness (s) impacts your daily life!

I have healed myself and I work daily trying to educate people about their part in the healing process. They are integral in their healing, because they were integral in the journey away from wellness. In all of life here on this beautiful Earth, thought and energy precedes physical creation. We focus on the physical creation or condition and fail to recognize the thought or energy. Once we open ourselves to understand what our bodies are telling us, we can change ourselves, heal and also be happier. Until we see our role in illness and claim our power within the healing process, we are the victim.

Sadly, being chronically ill can take a toll on all kinds of relationships. Have you noticed this in your life? If so how has your health impacted the relationships in your life?

My ability to heal others has affected relationships in my life, both positively and negatively. The positive effects are being able to help others and to have made some wonderful new heart-to-heart connections as a more authentic me. I am happy and feeling well almost every moment of every day. The negatives have been a loss of friendships I had valued. In the long-run I understand they were moving aside for my new, deeper connections. Yet it can be hard to hold on, even to bad relationships. Many people who used to seem close to me do not understand or believe in what I'm doing. Because of what I've witnessed, I do not require external validation. I know the power of Love and Light at my BEing's center that holds me in a forever embrace. I have patience for other's understanding and know that in their reality they are likely right. Whatever we believe we see and experience our reality. In Time All Truths Will Be Known.

Sadly, living with chronic illness can be live changing. Have you found that your life has changed significantly over the years of living with your condition? If so, in what ways has it changed?

(first line * life-changing) Since I am myself at a quantum and integrative level, connecting with my abilities to positively affect mind-body-spirit-emotions with / for others, I have become more happy! On some level happiness is a choice. When we are on autopilot, we may never see the choices we are unconsciously making. As we become more present within our lives, we will see more choices. As we choose happiness and wellness more often, we get the benefit of being happy and healing more effectively. I can not believe that when I am myself at the deepest possible level of comfort, love, joy, I am naturally able to helps others. That is a wonderful gift to me / through me / as me. I no longer have Raynaud's Disease. There are so many people who have trusted me for spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing assistance. I am humbled; I am grateful. Dramatic results abound because, in balance, the body "wants" to seek and achieve healing. Also, once we are aware of our choices, we can see our "stories" and decide to get out of the mental, emotional or spiritual riptides of struggle, hurt and pain.

All diseases have different kinds of flare ups, and every one will exhibit different signs of flare ups. For you what signs do you know to watch when a flare is coming your way?

As a person who is negative emotions and negative energy block transformer, I sometimes experience "humanity flare ups". For example, when there are national or international events that kill or otherwise harm people, I definitely help calm that energy, helping to heal the collective of emotions. This is part of why I am here and choose to be of service. It was very difficult when I did not understand this was one of my roles, and thought it was personal. That would be perplexing because it would not typically bear what was happening in my life. Many people experience anxiety because they are connecting into others' emotions and do not know what to do. Be peace. We can heal everything with peace, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

What do you do to treat your flares? Or to make your bad days better?

First, I assess who's emotions I am experiencing and clearing. This is part of what I do in healing session with others. Sometimes, it is for our collective world. Sometimes it is my own stuff. When it is not my own or occurring relative to a client's treatment, I explore what traumatic event may have occurred or be occurring. In either case, I feel the emotion and transform it to love and gratitude and inner peace. I now know I do not have to live there. It is like jumping up levels in a video game!

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness can be very overwhelming. If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is going through the diagnosis process, or is newly diagnosed, what would it be?  

Explore all of your options. When we see ourselves more than machine-like bodies, we can understand that there is more we need to focus on and heal. A holistic or integrative approach like energy medicine sees the interplay of mind-body-spirit (and I add emotions). Ancient healing methods have worked in Eastern cultures for millions of years. It is largely in the United States that we have lost compassion and love, and seeing ourselves more than a body to be treated scientifically. Ours is also one of the only countries in the world that allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise to the public. When we understand the mind-body connection, we recognize the toxicity in any programming that consistently is reciting symptoms to us (use your mute button).

Living with a chronic condition is hard, it just is! Especially because for the most part there are no outward symptoms that can be seen by others. If you could share one thing with the public about living with a chronic illness what would you want them to know?

Your most important tools for recovery are self awareness, intention, visualization, imagination, diet and otherwise nurturing yourSelf. Most of us use these powers unconsciously, and we create what we do not really want. Dis-ease within (sadness, fear, anger, shame, regret, insecurity, self-loathing) create a rich soil where illness develops. Quantum science is now confirming that our DNA is not static, with the ability to change based on subtle "on" and "off" switches. If we do not know, we have switches, how are we going to turn it off or even know that we're choosing? We are powerful. Yet, we must accept our role of least co-creator, if not creator of what's happening within. By focusing on the symptoms of illness, you may have been unknowingly led away from its root cause. There is more to our situation than we have to understand. Many of us are actually here to be the one that heals our bloodline!

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