My Favorite Things | May 2019

I have been compiling a list of must-have items that I have recently ordered from Amazon. They are items that have truly made a difference in my life, for the better. These are not just things that I have ordered and enjoyed, these are things that have in one way or another impacted my everyday life for the best. We all know that sometimes the little things mean the most when it comes to our everyday lives when living with a chronic illness. So I decided to share my favorite most recent purchases with you. I hope you enjoy!

I got this pillow for Christmas and it has made HUGE difference in my headaches. I used to constantly have a crick in my neck in the morning from the awful pillows I was sleeping on. This pillow is great for several reasons. First, it has cooling properties so I don’t wake up sweating every night, which is usually a problem. Secondly, it is memory foam so it is super soft and stays where you need it to. Lastly, it has removable pads inside so you can make it as thin or as thick as you want it. I don’t always want a super thick pillow so it is nice to be able to take out a layer of foam if I choose to. Until I got this pillow I didn’t believe the hype about having a good pillow. Now I am a total believer and will be getting another one soon.

All the rage lately seems to be BLUE LIGHT blocking glasses. I can’t tell you how many influencers I have seen promoting them in the last few weeks. I kept thinking that they were just a scam. But I do have bad migraines, that is no secret so I finally gave in. I figured that they were only $17 if they didn’t work I wasn’t out that much money. I actually only had them for about a week before my sister started mentioning that she was having headaches all the time, especially after doing school work. (And most of her school work is on the computer.) So I gave them to her to try, and I haven’t gotten them back. She has said that they have made a pretty big difference in her headaches and she has really enjoyed them. So I am going to be ordering myself another pair because I also saw good results in the short time I used them. Our only complaint is that if you have a small face these particular glasses are a little big.

I bought this shirt in the winter but I have continued to wear it even as the weather has gotten warmer. It is a good lightweight, stretchy material so it can be worn year round. It is also long enough that it covers my backside so I can wear it with leggings. I also love that it has POCKETS that are actually big enough to fit my phone in. It comes in 10 colors and goes up to size 3XL. This shirt comes in super handy for my infusion appointments due to the fact that It has a round enough neck that I don’t have to take it off for them to access my port, which it great!! And it keeps me nice and warm in the always freezing hospital.

Weighted blankets have also been a big topic of discussion in the chronic illness arena as of late. I put it on my on Christmas list as a long shot because the prices for a good weighted blanket are very high. My mom actually found this blanket on Amazon and it has been great. And it really does help. I have used it during times of high pain or high anxiety and found it to be beneficial. This particular blankets price is less than others you will find online but the quality is FANTASTIC!! It is well put together, the stitching is nice and is very soft. I would highly recommend this blanket. It comes in multiple colors and weights and has 4.5 stars on Amazon. As I was writing this I saw that this blanket is ON SALE currently.

Lastly I want to share a fabulous book I recently read. I just finished “Salt In My Soul,” a book written by Mallory Smith who lost her life to cystic fibrosis. It was truly an amazing book in which she gave me an all new outlook on my life with chronic illness. The book is a compilation of her journal entries over several years that her mother put into a book after her death. Mallory had such a good attitude despite what she was facing and really made me think about how I face each day. I HIGHLY recommend everyone, not just those with chronic illness, read this book. It is truly eye opening. Be watching in the coming days for a full book review.

I hope if you try any of these products that you love them as much as I do. Please let me know if you do try any of them and what you think!!

With Love,