A Piece For All Women | 10 Things We Should All Hold True

Why is it that today women (and men) feel that it is okay to sit behind a screen and a keyboard and say awful things to people online? When did it become socially acceptable to put down another female simply based on her appearance? When did it become acceptable to say nasty things about another woman’s character, when you’ve never met her? And why did it become okay for each of us to put stock into what others say about us?!

We currently live in a world where more and more people are putting themselves and their lives on the internet. And sadly that seems to mean more and more people can cast judgement upon you, or say nasty things because they are hidden behind a keyboard.  But why do we as women feel that it is okay to put each other down? Why do we feel like telling another woman she is fat or ugly is a good idea? We should be holding each other up and making one another feel better.   

With all the things you can find on the web, you can also find plenty of pictures of “perfect women.” The kind of women that most women DREAM to be. The woman who has “the perfect family.” Or the woman with the “perfect house!” What we all need to remember is that anyone can look PERFECT on camera for a split second in time  

All that being said, the following is a list of things that all women need to keep in mind in our digital society  

1. EVERYONE! Everyone, has rolls when they bend over! You are not alone. 

2. Don’t question it, if someone tells you that you are beautiful you should believe them!.

3. You may not love your stretch marks, but for every woman who hates her stretch marks there is another woman somewhere who is wishing that she had them  

4. If you could see yourself the way others around you see you, you would have so much more self confidence!

5. Never wait for a man to save you. You should always be able to save yourself! 

6. You aren’t alone, everyone wakes up with breath that could knock a goat over.

7. It’s perfectly okay that you don’t love every part of your body.   

8. We all have that one friend, the one that seems to have all her shit together, is always put together and seemingly has a perfect life. Just think about that for a second, you could be that woman to someone else.  

9.  NEVER let yourself become a backup plan it last resort. You should ALWAYS BE A PRIORITY! 

10. Your Chronic Illness doesn’t make you any less of a woman! 

All you ladies reading this I want you, yes you, the one with the messy house, the one with an extra five pounds, the one waiting on a guy to call..... YOU ARE AMAZING!! And you should never let anyone tell you otherwise.  

With Love,