Just a Reminder 

Short but important post today. Just a reminder!!! This FRIDAY MAY 19 is PUT ON PURPLE day for lupus. So if you know or support someone with lupus and would like to wear some article of clothing or piece of jewelry that is purple this would be the day! The day to show, not only support for that person, but for the whole community worldwide! Leave a comment on this post if you plan to wear Purple for someone in your life fighting lupus! Let us know how you know the person you will be wearing purple for! Is it you? Your spouse? Your daughter? Or your best friend? I'm curious to see who people are supporting!  This would also be a good day to explain why you are wearing purple, to anyone who notices or asks, in an effort to spread information on the horrible diseases. Thanks in advance for the support. #putonpurple #putonpurpleforlupusawareness #putonpurpleforlupus #thelupielife #theworldseesnormal