Earlier this month in one of the groups I am in someone used the term "Blogtober" and asked who was going to be participating this year. I had no idea what this term meant or what it would mean to participate. So I went to the google box and looked up "Blogtober" and this is what I found. "Blogtober" is a blogging challenge that takes place in the month of October. The event challenges bloggers to post everyday during the month of October. It is a way for bloggers to increase engagement and subscribers.

While I was looking up what the challenge was I found that many bloggers set goals for themselves and their blog for the month of October and I really liked that part of "Blogtober". That being said my goals are:

1. Check out a new blog every day

2. Post a blog everyday (I know that's the whole point of the challenge but it is still my goal).

3. Share content with you from authors you may not know about content you may not be aware of.

4. Increase my subscribers by 20.

I hope you all enjoy my "Blogtober" content and you learn a few things along the way! Here's to a month full of post and a lot of fun!

With Love,