Chronic Illness Symptom Tracker | You Need This!

Since my first diagnosis six years I have tried many different journals and health trackers and apps to help me keep track of my symptoms and my pain all in one place. But I was never able to find something that contained all the things I felt were important. If I did find one I liked most of the time I had to combine two or three different books/apps just to be able to document what was going on in my life. That being said last year I decided to try to put my own tracker together. I feel like I have a leg up on some of the other designs because I was able to combine my experience working as an RN for 10 years along with the things I have experienced as a patient. By doing that I was able to put together a product that I’m really proud of.

Several months ago when I actually got serious and started playing around with the idea of creating my own journal/tracker I tried different formats, different information and different looks. Due to all the products & apps I had tried I had a pretty good idea of what I felt it should contain. I felt it really needed to have a symptom tracker divided by body systems where one can document what kind of issues they are having with each body system every week. There are places to document issues like a fast heart rate, shortness of breath, or problems with your bowels. I also knew a pain tracker was a must. After some trial and error it made the most sense for it to be in monthly form. This makes it a great tool to take with you to appts so your providers can see a whole month at a time of where your pain has been all month.  I also wanted it to contain a blank monthly calendar that would be useful for keeping track of any and all medical appointments. And it had to have lots of extra places to make notes because when living with a chronic illness you never know what might pop up throughout the month.

I also wanted to include the gratitude and journal piece because I feel like we often get so caught up in our conditions that we forget that we also have a life outside of our health. So I wanted to make sure that there was a place to focus on positive things every week  and for me it is essential to keep some kind of positivity in my life at all times so we can do our best to fight our conditions!

I am SO EXCITED to let you all know  that it is finally AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE !!! I am currently holding a presale until MID DECEMBER. At this point I am only shipping within the US. But if you live outside of the US and really want one please contact me and we can discuss the price of shipping. I truly hope that you fall in love with it at much as I have!

To get more info or to purchase The Chronic Illness Chronic Gratitude: Symptom Tracker please visit my shop at  

With Love, Amber

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