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Hope or Hype? | New Opiate Prescribing Guidelines

The CDC just released its new guidelines to help doctors understand the looser guidelines so that patients may have some relief from the forced tapers or forced termination of medications. This has resulted in diminished quality of life, driving some into using illicit narcotics, or sadly driving some to suicide since there has been no relief.

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Chronic Pain | What The Media Doesn’t Tell You

 Living with a chronic Illness can be hard, plain and simple. Living with an invisible illness, one that causes chronic pain, is harder. It has become such a common practice for people to quickly judge another person based on their condition or based on their use of narcotic pain meds. It has even become true within our healthcare system and within the government. Sadly it is not uncommon for a patient to be looked upon as an “addict” simply because of a medication that they take. Much of this has happened in response to the media coverage of the Opioid Crisis and how the government is handling the crisis.

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