People who don't have migraines will NEVER truly be able to understand migraines. They are different for every person. And every migraine can be different for the same person.  It's a condition that people can't see on the outside so they assume you are fine by just looking at you. They don't know that every light is WAY to bring, and every smell makes you want to vomit. And you are trying not to vomit at any moment. I'm Sure a lot of you have heard the "Oh it's just a headache!" or "Just take some Tylenol that will fix it!" Below are a list of 15 things that people with migraines will never get!

  1. We aren't really picky eaters, we are just nauseated ALL the time. It's not what you cooked its just my MIGRAINE.

  2. We don't yawn because we are bored or tired.It could mean we are tired though, because we haven't slept. However, its usually a sign of an impending migraine.

  3. We smell like a bear, and we will smell it first. Our noses are that of a blood hound. And any small smell that no one else might smell we will smell it. And some smells like strong perfume or paint or anything with a strong scent can actually trigger a migraine.

  4. We may be reluctant to commit. It's nothing you have done. And no it's not because I don't want to see you. But we never know when a migraine might hit and we don't want to be doing something when a bad one hits.

  5. We aren't insecure, we are cold (AGAIN). Cold hands, feet, nose and body temp can often times be a symptom of a migraine before and after an attack. So don't mind my standoffish stance. I am not insecure or upset. I am just COLD.

  6. We HATE to call in to work. We all want to be dependable and available for work. But sometimes it is just impossible for us to be there. To us our income and insurance is more important than it is to most. So we need and want to work. It's not me that is not dependable it the MIGRAINE.

  7. Our super-sensitive senses can get overwhelmed easily!! Any bright light, strong smell, or annoying noise can send us over the edge and make us leave a room without explanation. In an effort to not vomit in public.

  8. Sometimes we just can't stand to be touched. One strange migraine symptom is allodynia, which is when an ordinary touch feels intensely uncomfortable and actually painful. Our love for our partners or families hasn't changed. But at that moment we just cant ne touched.

  9. Our necks often hurt before our heads do. When people are stressed you will often see them rolling and rubbing their necks. Migraine sufferers are no different. Neck pain is common with a lot of migraines. We may not be stressed if you see us doing this, we are just trying to relieve the stress.

  10. We're not stuck up, we are just sensitive to light. Many migraine sufferers will wear sunglasses inside. We aren't trying to look cool we are protecting our eyes. Photophobia is a major problem for many with migraines.

  11. We’re not crazy or drugged; it’s an aura. If you see me shaking my head, covering my eyes or not making sense. I'm not Crazy its just an aura. The sensations that many get before their migraines hit.

  12. We're not necessarily grumpy even if we look like. Don't mind the mean or grumpy look on my face. It's my way of dealing with the trigeminal pain that I am experiencing. You didn't do or saying wrong. Its just the migraine.

  13. Sometimes it feels like the world is spinning. If I reach out for your hand or for a handrail. Changes are I am experiencing dizziness. Some people will suffer from Migraines Associated Vertigo (MAV), and fainting with the attack.

  14. We're not high-Maintenance, we're just careful. If we take all sorts of things out of our diet and start watching what we ate. Its because many foods can trigger migraines. Foods that can cause us problems: MSG, sugar, and gluten just to name a few.